We care!

In times of restraint we cannot stand carelessly. We join the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, voluntarily and within the limits of our competences.

Beginning with Saturday, March 28th, 2020, the initiative group of the University "Eftimie Murgu" of Reșița produces visors for protection and distributes them to the healthcare units in difficulty.

Based on their expertise in the field and the existing endowment of the "Eftimie Murgu" University of Reșița, two members of the SEEAM-Network team from Reșița, lecturer dr. eng. Relu Ciubotariu and the student Deian Ardeljan, designed and started the production of protective visors. In order to be able to honor the large number of applications, they have launched the invitation to the local community and not only, to join this initiative, both through measures to ensure the necessary raw material, as well as to increase the production capacity.

We challenge you too! Together we will succeed!






Purpose of the project


“Eftimie-Murgu” University of Resita, through the implementation of the project, forwards a long-term solution meant to ensure the international experience for teachers and students, through short-term mobility (max. one week), organised by a transnational network of universities.

The mobility of students and teachers contributes significantly to their personal development, grace to the formation of professional, social and intercultural competencies.

Given the dynamics of current developments in the technical field, solving increasingly complex problems requires the most varied knowledge, skills and competencies.

Cooperation between neighbouring partners, associated in transnational networks, provides the institutional framework for the shared use of material capacities and resources, and thus constitutes an easy solution to address complex issues.

In such a network, each partner contributes its experience, competence and material base, offering the other partners the opportunity to benefit from them.

At the same time, through the permanent exchange of ideas among the partners, the academic network stimulates the growth of the creative and innovative component in the education and research process.

SEEAM-Network will initially bring together teachers and researchers from the founding universities, but will be open in the future to all universities willing to join the network. Furthermore, it aims at attracting representatives of the business environment, interested in additive technologies, from the origin countries of the partner universities. Assuming its role as a university in the region and for the region (www.uem.ro), UEMR will identify the public and private entities in the county interested in implementing state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies, in order to join the network and participate in the projects carried out within it.

Objectives of the project

  • Increasing international visibility of education and research in the European area by establishing a transnational university network for education and research in a high-level technical field;
  • Stimulating international mobility of bachelor, master and doctoral students and of teachers by participating in educational and research activities carried out in multinational teams;
  • Increasing the research-development-innovation capacity by activating in mixed research teams;
  • Ensuring access to international experience for students and teachers who are part of SEEAM – Network, by organising training courses, workshops and round tables;
  • Enhancing the communication skills of teachers and students in languages of international circulation, as well as improving their social and intercultural competencies.